Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Fun Weekend!

We took off this weekend to St. George with my family. It was so much fun hiking and swimming. Here are some cute pics!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Running with Angels

Yesterday Tom, my brother Andrew, and I ran in a 5k race benefiting a program called "Angel Watch" which is a group of wonderful ladies who provide emotional support for families facing the threat of a child born with a life limiting or life threatening illness. Our family was lucky enough to receive support from Angel Watch during my pregnancy with Hannah. I don't know what we would have done without them. Tom and I, along with my brother, who also suffered the loss of a child, signed up to do the race. The turn out was amazing! As we ran through the beautiful gardens at Thanksgiving Point, I was awe struck at the concept of all these people having or knowing someone close to them who has gone through the loss of a baby. Unfortunately, our family has had three in the past three years. I felt so honored to be able to run with our sweet angels: Hannah, Willa, and Sofia. At the beginning of the race they released a flock of doves and as we watched them circle around I felt joy in knowing that so many angels were in our presence. I have to say, since I'm not as much of a runner as I like to be, I was proud to finish the race without walking! Yea me! Tom and I ran together pushing Georgia in the stroller and my brother Andrew, the runner, finished in the top 20. I'm so glad we did it! Great job everyone! Love you Hannah!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sleep Deprived, Boy Drama, and Solids!

Poor Olivia has been sick for the past few days coughing, feverish, and throwing up (only twice though). Yes, the Swine, H1N1 whatever you call it flu has crossed my mind, but we visited the doctor yesterday and Doc says it just has to run it's coarse - no worries. Today is better though, Olivia is dressing up and pretending to do magic tricks so I think things are looking up. While we were at the doctor yesterday Sydney had her ankle x-rayed and we found out that everything's fine, she just sprained it pretty bad playing soccer.

I get the biggest kick out of fourth graders. When I went to Sydney's class to pick her up a little early from school yesterday, I peeked my head in to beckon her and all of a sudden the entire class was yelling "Here's your future son-in-law!" while Sydney just rolled her eyes. Lately, we've had a few drive by's from male classmates(on bikes of course) and even an invitation by one to join him on a bike ride. Sydney reacts as though she could care less, but I have a feeling she's really quite flattered - ah the joys of being a fourth grade girl.

Georgia has finally started solids and opens her mouth wide for each bite while grunting with glee. I think she's gonna be an eater like her mom!

P.S. AI is on tonight - Can't wait!