Saturday, June 27, 2009


Friday we went up to Midway to visit my parents who were staying at a charming little resort called Zermatt. The girls had a blast, here are the pics!

Georgia admiring the button on my jacket

Darling little baby goats "Oreo and Mischief"

Olivia and Papa swimming

My sweet little thug,
or shall I say
"What choo talkin' bout Willis?"

Olivia stuffing her face with Peanut butter chocolate cake
(mostly she ate the whip cream)
Thanks for the fun evening Mimi and Papa!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Trumpeter and a Rag Doll

Visit to see darling pictures of Sydney and Olivia and lots of friends from CBT's (Children's Ballet Theater) performance of Swan Princess and The Magic Toy Shop. Click on "View and Order,"and see Sydney under 04/10/2009. She was a Trumpeter in Swan Princess and see Olivia under 06/01/2009. She was a Rag Doll in The Magic Toy Shop. Such darling performances!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Olivia's BIG News

Losing two teeth and riding a
bike with no training wheels
in one month is a lot for a five
year old! Olivia would you
slow down? mom can't take
so many milestones so fast!


I am so impressed! We managed to pull off Sydney's 10th birthday surprise party. 11 girls keeping a secret is difficult to say the least, but considering we only had a small slip up that was very smoothly covered up :), it was a total success! Story goes like this: we planned Sydney's party for Friday, (her real birthday was on Thursday) she seemed a little disappointed that she wasn't having a friend party and was slightly bugged that there was no cake (we were, of course, saving it for the party) however, Friday came and Tom took her shopping for a new bike. All her friends showed up completely pumped up and ready for fun! They hid in the backyard, and as soon as Sydney came out the back door, I yelled (so they could hear it was time) "What color is your new bike!?! She looked at me like I was crazy, while 11 darling ten year olds came stampeding out from the side of the house yelling SURPRISE!!! She about dropped what she was holding, red face and all. The party was a success! Although it was a lot of work, it was totally worth it and just as much fun for Tom and I. Now we're into the double digits! She'll be driving and dating before we know it - crap, time goes too fast!

P.S. Thanks mom for your help!