Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gifts for Jesus

I started a small tradition in my family last year called "Gifts for Jesus." During the holiday season we try and look out for any extra good deeds we can do for others. Today, Olivia brought me Georgia's bottle freshly filled with milk and proudly said "Mom, I just did a gift to Jesus!" I had to giggle a little while my heart melted.

Last year I had an awesome experience with this. I had gathered up a few decorations for my daughters grave to decorate for Christmas, and in doing this, I thought I might get a few extra for the graves I've noticed to be bare. When I arrived, there was a lot of snow on the ground and that made it hard to see the graves. I noticed an elderly women, who obviously was in distress. I bravely went up to her and asked if she needed help. She told me that she couldn't find her husband's grave and the snow made it super difficult for her to even walk. She pointed me in the direction of her loved one. With my car scraper in hand, I trudged over to the spot and started hammering the ice, not even knowing if it was the right spot. I desperately wanted to help this women, so I started praying for help. After hitting the ice over and over, it broke! and there it was, his grave. Fighting back tears of gratitude I placed her ornament, along with one I had brought, and was filled with the spirit of service and what I like to call my "gift to Jesus."

So today, go out and be someone's angel, give an unexpected gift, a gift to Jesus this Christmas season. It will mean more to you than any store bought present.

Monday, December 7, 2009


If you have a child ages Newborn to age 7, you're in luck! Registration for Kindermusik classes for babies and children are coming up starting December 11, 2009 for the Winter/Spring Semester. These classes are the cutest! They are taught at Children's Ballet Theatre on 3300 South and 2505 East. Here is a link http://www.songheart.com/ . I think these classes are so beneficial for kids interested in music, dance or even just play time. Parents attend with their child and it's also great bonding time. I've gone with Georgia and she absolutely loves it! I liked it so much that I'm getting certified and will be teaching the "Village" class (newborn- 18mo.) at the studio this next semester. Come sign up!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If you believe, you will receive!

So lately my daughter has been having some doubts about Santa. It started the other night. The girls asked if they could put out their shoes for the Brownies (or elves). After bed Sydney came upstairs to use the bathroom and, of course, I had to quickly grab them and hide them while Tom stalled her. As soon as she came out of the bathroom, she said "Mom, I heard you getting the chocolate calendars out of the back." Today she's been giving me the stink eye. I'm a horrible liar, she is now 10, and yet I want to keep the magic alive. Any advice? What age did you find out? Was it from friends or parents? Were you devastated? Please help me!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween, Georgia's 1, and Tonsils out!

Wow! it's been way too long since I've posted! A lot has happened. To summarize, Halloween came and went with lots of parties that included lots of face painting, which my girls love, and I have to say, I actually get kind of excited about myself, Boo at the Zoo where Sydney got to entertain as CBT's "Molly Mouse," and of course Halloween costumes that included a 50's Waitress, a Snow Princess and a ladybug.

My baby turned 1! I seriously can't believe it! Georgia absolutely squealed with joy when she ate her birthday cake.

And, today, Olivia had her tonsils and adenoids taken out. The reason being that they were enormous and blocking her airway so she had trouble breathing at night - not good. She was so brave and everything went so smoothly! Now the recovery starts. Tom and I have turned into nurses, giving pain medicine around the clock, lots of Popsicles, ice cream and Slurpee's (Tom's specialty) and listening for the tambourine shake that means "come here mom!" Anyway, here are all the pics!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can anyone help?

I am in need of a headset that you can plug into a UBS port for a Skype call. If anyone has one or knows someone who does, I would be soooooo appreciative if I could borrow it. It would only be for one day probably in November. (It's for my training for Kindermusik) THANK YOU!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just me and little "G"

Off to 5th grade! What, 5th?Off to Kindergarten! want to cry:(Now it's just me and this little cutie!What to do? PLAY!
Give Kisses
Until they come running home!

Life is good.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wake Me Up When September Ends

It is so hard to describe. I don't even think about it and suddenly I feel it coming. It's a lot like Christmas time when you get that feeling and all the memories come flooding back. I remember after Hannah passed away and the month changed from September to October on my calendar. I had been anticipating September for so long awaiting her arrival, not knowing from day to day what was going to happen. Would she make it to term? Would she be born alive? Would she take a breath? (Please let her take a breath) Would she live? Would she struggle her whole life with complications? So many questions. And then it was October. I could not believe that September was over. Life goes on. It feels like it shouldn't, it feels like it should have stopped. So here we are again in September remembering our Hannah, and also our niece Willa who also lived and died in September, and longing for them to be with us.

Hannah would be three years old now. Unbelievable. I find myself wondering what she would look like, what her personality would be. I imagine she knows us much better. We always say goodnight to Hannah and Sydney and Olivia are quick to remind me that she is with us in the car, or on a walk.

People say time heals all wounds. I'm not sure this is true. I think time is like practice for dealing with the grief and pain. Am I healed from this wound? no. But I keep going with as much positivity as I can because I know there is not much sense in living life in despair. I know without a doubt that I will see Hannah again. Happy Birthday my sweet girl - here is my letter to you:

Dear Hannah,

I think of you every day. When I look at kids your age, it makes me miss you so much. I know you are with us, watching us, looking out for us, whispering thoughts into our heads - Thank you. I don't know if you know how special your role in our family is. You made us a closer family. You made us a forever family. You help me to be a stronger person, a better person. Whatever the next step is in this life, I'm so excited for it to come because I know you'll be there waiting for us. It's comforting to know that you have people there who love you. Cousins to play with, and Great Grandparents to give you hugs and kisses. I hope you hear our good nights to you and the songs we sing you. Someday I hope you can sing with us all together. I can't wait for that day! Sydney and Olivia adore you and wish you were here. Thank you for teaching me about light and how important it is to fill yourself with the light of Christ. I remember when you looked at me the night you died and you said goodbye with your eyes. I felt you say goodbye. You had a weak body, but such a strong spirit! Thank you for staying with us as long as you did. I think that was more for us than for you. I love you so much and I miss you. Happy Birthday my sweet Angel.

Love Always,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bees and Quarters?

On Monday night we went to the Bees game with our friends the Lamberts. It was the perfect weather outside as soon as the blinding sun went down. We were also pleasantly surprised to see the Horsleys sitting right next to us! (Gonna miss you guys!) But the most entertaining thing for me was what happened to our friend Ryan. We were all sitting around listening to a story he was telling when suddenly out of no where we hear this loud dinging sound. Ryan is moaning in pain and we come to realize that a flying quarter has just drilled him in the head! No, it was not a baseball, it was a quarter. There were about seven kids around and luckily none of them were hit by soaring change. We couldn't believe that it hit hard enough to make a sound! I had to keep from laughing knowing that he was in pain, but I have to say it was pretty funny. So if you ever go to the Bees game and sit on the grass, watch out for foul balls and apparently quarters!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dental Drama!

So today I take Olivia to the Dentist (same office where I used to work) and I knew that it would be difficult since she had two cavities that needed to be filled, but I was completely unprepared for the high drama! First of all, I did not even tell her we were going until we were actually driving there (smart move on my part). She seemed OK with it, and I could tell she was trying to be brave. We got through the shot (phew over), then Dr. Jeff left the room for a second, and the anxiety started. I spent the next few minutes explaining in much detail to a distrustful five year old how each instrument worked and why it was going in her mouth. I mean this kid won't even eat pizza, and now I expect her to lay back, open wide, and let strange dental instruments, one after another, drill in her mouth? I should have known better! Anyway, Olivia basically curled up into a ball in the dental chair and sobbed while three adults and Sydney tried to beg, plead and bribe her to finish. The worst part was that she was half way done and there was no turning back. Finally, it was over and we successfully filled ONE of her two cavities. Yes, that does mean that we will have to go through this again! The worst part? knowing what Dr. Jeff and Tara will do when Olivia comes back - roll their eyes and take a deep breath. At least that's what we did when I worked there! :) Thanks guys for being patient with my DRAMATIC five year old!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Babysitter on the Block

Yes! I, Sydney, have started babysitting and would be happy to watch your kids!

Here's what I can do:

Play awesome games with them

Fix them Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches

Kiss their boo boos

Put them to bed with a story

Basically, just be the best babysitter ever!

Call me anytime!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photo Session

Check out these awesome pictures my sister-in-law took! Thanks Molly! If you ever need a photographer, this who you should get! Here is a link

Monday, July 6, 2009

God Bless the USA!

Olivia and "Blue"
Fresh Corn on the cob at the Parade

Sydney and Chloe

All the girls

Tom and Georgia

I love the Fourth of July! There's something about fireworks and freedom that just gets me excited. I love the bright Red White and Blue colors, the aroma of barbecue, the powerful patriotic music, even the heat of the sun. I guess it's sort of magical for me that we all come together to celebrate our great country. Have you ever noticed the people around you when you watch a big fireworks show? Everyone is looking up with such wonder and awe. That alone gives me the chills. We spent the fourth this year in Jackson Hole. I love the small town country feel of Jackson. The exquisite Tetons and Snake River are majestic. It's funny how when you get older you appreciate the beauty of things more and more.
Tom and I, along with our girls + Sydney's friend Chloe spent the weekend swimming, shopping, riding horses, enjoying the bungee trampolines, and of course, the fabulous 4th of July Parade. What a great time!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Friday we went up to Midway to visit my parents who were staying at a charming little resort called Zermatt. The girls had a blast, here are the pics!

Georgia admiring the button on my jacket

Darling little baby goats "Oreo and Mischief"

Olivia and Papa swimming

My sweet little thug,
or shall I say
"What choo talkin' bout Willis?"

Olivia stuffing her face with Peanut butter chocolate cake
(mostly she ate the whip cream)
Thanks for the fun evening Mimi and Papa!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Trumpeter and a Rag Doll

Visit http://www.pointesintime.com/ to see darling pictures of Sydney and Olivia and lots of friends from CBT's (Children's Ballet Theater) performance of Swan Princess and The Magic Toy Shop. Click on "View and Order,"and see Sydney under 04/10/2009. She was a Trumpeter in Swan Princess and see Olivia under 06/01/2009. She was a Rag Doll in The Magic Toy Shop. Such darling performances!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Olivia's BIG News

Losing two teeth and riding a
bike with no training wheels
in one month is a lot for a five
year old! Olivia would you
slow down? mom can't take
so many milestones so fast!


I am so impressed! We managed to pull off Sydney's 10th birthday surprise party. 11 girls keeping a secret is difficult to say the least, but considering we only had a small slip up that was very smoothly covered up :), it was a total success! Story goes like this: we planned Sydney's party for Friday, (her real birthday was on Thursday) she seemed a little disappointed that she wasn't having a friend party and was slightly bugged that there was no cake (we were, of course, saving it for the party) however, Friday came and Tom took her shopping for a new bike. All her friends showed up completely pumped up and ready for fun! They hid in the backyard, and as soon as Sydney came out the back door, I yelled (so they could hear it was time) "What color is your new bike!?! She looked at me like I was crazy, while 11 darling ten year olds came stampeding out from the side of the house yelling SURPRISE!!! She about dropped what she was holding, red face and all. The party was a success! Although it was a lot of work, it was totally worth it and just as much fun for Tom and I. Now we're into the double digits! She'll be driving and dating before we know it - crap, time goes too fast!

P.S. Thanks mom for your help!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Fun Weekend!

We took off this weekend to St. George with my family. It was so much fun hiking and swimming. Here are some cute pics!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Running with Angels

Yesterday Tom, my brother Andrew, and I ran in a 5k race benefiting a program called "Angel Watch" which is a group of wonderful ladies who provide emotional support for families facing the threat of a child born with a life limiting or life threatening illness. Our family was lucky enough to receive support from Angel Watch during my pregnancy with Hannah. I don't know what we would have done without them. Tom and I, along with my brother, who also suffered the loss of a child, signed up to do the race. The turn out was amazing! As we ran through the beautiful gardens at Thanksgiving Point, I was awe struck at the concept of all these people having or knowing someone close to them who has gone through the loss of a baby. Unfortunately, our family has had three in the past three years. I felt so honored to be able to run with our sweet angels: Hannah, Willa, and Sofia. At the beginning of the race they released a flock of doves and as we watched them circle around I felt joy in knowing that so many angels were in our presence. I have to say, since I'm not as much of a runner as I like to be, I was proud to finish the race without walking! Yea me! Tom and I ran together pushing Georgia in the stroller and my brother Andrew, the runner, finished in the top 20. I'm so glad we did it! Great job everyone! Love you Hannah!